Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ava - 15 Months Old

Time for another round of Ava statistics. :)

Age: 15 Months old
Weight: 22 lbs, 50th percentile
Height: 32 inches, 90th percentile

Sleeping: through the night, two 1 hour naps a day
Eating: starting to slack off. Ava's appetite is definitely slowing down, and now the world seems to intrigue Little Miss more than her food does. Don't get me wrong; she's still a good eater.
Teeth: still 10 of them, no new additions 

What else...running, talking a LOT with many many new words, learning everyone's name, waving at EVERY person she goes by, waving at random times, high fives and fist bumps, imitating facial expressions like closing her eyes on purpose and opening her mouth WIDE, lots of dancing, still working on getting those little feet off the ground when she jumps (though she can if jumping in her crib!), throwing rocks into our nearby creek, being chased, hiding behind someone and peeking around their shoulder with a "boo!". So many other things I'm sure to be forgetting.

Here's a couple pictures from her 15 Month Checkup. They always put us in this room that has a little nook by the window...Ava obviously loves it!
Peek a Boo!
"Here Dad, these are for my check up."

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