Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Little Pink Flamingo

Hi all. Ava and I recently survived 8 days without Wynston. And there was no cell service where he went. It was time for his bi-annual fishing trip to Canada, so we stocked up on easy to make meals, some pool toys and baby leashes (just kidding) and survived this adventure! It was easier than I anticipated. Not that Little Miss is a terror or anything, but she IS a giant bundle of energy these days. I'm pretty proud to admit we only had one meltdown during this time...on a rainy morning, where Ava grabbed my pen while I was making a grocery list and marked on the couch before I could get it away from her. I was mad; she was mad that I was mad. But it wasn't anything a spritz of hairspray (why?! I still don't get it) and a good nap for Ava couldn't fix.

Anywho...we made a couple trips to spend time with my parents while Wynston was away. One of those trips happened to be on Father's Day. Yes, Wynston was gone on good ol Daddy's Day. But we sent him off with a tote packed full of goodies (remember these? they were gooood) to help him celebrate from afar.

Meanwhile, back home we celebrated Father's Day at my brother's house. Here are some pictures from the day. Isn't that romper adorable?! Little Miss has several shirts featuring flamingo's. Unfortunately most of them are too big to wear right now - I thought Ava would be in a solid 18M size by now, and she's just not. Oh well, there's still lots of summertime left to grow into those shirts.

She rarely misses an opportunity to point at a "BUHRD"

Lots of fun with cousins.

A little sleepy.

Fun sliding with Poppy.

Chilling in a saucer swing.

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