Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life With a Two and a Half Year Old's been quite some time since I've updated the ol' blog. Sorry about that. Work has been crazy and quite time consuming lately, and once you get out of the blog habit, it's not always a smooth transition back in. Hopefully I'll be more regular in postings going forward.

So we have a lot of catching up to do! I can't promise that the posts I need to make will all be chronological, but I've got a lot of cute pics and updates. Plus it's almost Christmas. Crazy, right? I've NEVER been more excited for a holiday season. Ava totally GETS it this year. We've done Santa, we've decorated, we've put gifts under the tree, we've decorated Christmas trees, and Wynston and I are lucky enough to get sweet mistletoe kisses from Ava every day. It's so hard not to give a gift to our Little Miss every day, but purchasing an Advent Calendar and opening up another slot with candy is a nice compromise. :)

Anyway, back to our Fall 2014. As of 11/12/14 Ava is now two and a half. And she'll tell ya. She swore that one of our annual family Thanksgiving family dinners was her 2.5 year birthday party.
She sits right under 3 feet tall, and holds steady at around 27-28 lbs.
Her hair continues to grow long and has the most beautiful amount of curl.
She talks a LOT, about a LOT of things. She still has cute toddler pronounciations (take instead of snake, tookies instead of cookies, etc) but there isnt a subject she can't or won't discuss. She has a lovely singing voice, and can make up songs or put her own spin on classics like Jingle Bells.
She's still a pretty good eater, and lately has really taken to fish sticks, apples and french toast sticks...while never easing up on her choc-y milk.
She is a child of routine at bedtime: she brushes her teeth after jammies, then gets either a little tv or some book reading before bed. She requires her closet light on, door cracked and a princess nightlight on. She still uses her heartbeat sound machine. Can't break the ol binky habit quite yet; sleeps with Big Bear, her little deer, two baby dolls and Dora usually. She sleeps in pullups (but wears undies all day with no accidents), and we MUST sing her night night song and say her prayer each night. She is quickly working on mastering her skills of procrastination at bedtime, but once past that she usually drifts off to sleep and stays asleep all night till 7ish the next morning.
Ava loves reading, watching Paw Patrol and other shows, coloring, helping mommy cook, is learning to play with Lily, adores her daddy, and is pretty much pure joy and amusement each and every day. :)

Below, you'll find a few random pictures from the fall.

Ava's fruit loop necklace and trademark smirk.
Cute boots and a homegrown pumpkin.

Blueberry pancakes, at her request!

So serious in the morning with Lola.

For several days, Ava work this strawberry raincoat. She was totally infatuated.

Being busy on a weekend.

Beautiful hair.

Sitting pretty next to those homegrown pumpkins. They turned out beautiful!
Curled up on the ottoman watching tv.

I often call her my little bug in a rug...and here she is all wrapped up post bath in a rug!

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