Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Miss Chit Chat

While trying to get some overalls on Ava - "I don't want to wear oberalls...they hurt my nickels." - weird.

"I don't want to count backwards anymore, it hurts my arms. Let's dp the alphabet; that doesn't hurt my arms."

"Let's go home and get chocolate milk and twizzlers. That is two good ideas!" - we have lots of "good ideas" right now.

"If I have deer corn, I bet the deer will come up and eat it out of my hand!"

"SHHHH. Be quiet my baby is sleeping!" - Ava is loving her new baby doll.

These days, we have a constant stream of Ava chatter.  When watching tv, the closed captioning is a must. You just never know what she'll say! Such a big girl.

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