Monday, September 15, 2014

Camping with Toddlers

We knew this summer would be our first summer to take Ava camping, and we decided to do it in style with two other two year olds in tow! We booked a camp site and met our friends the Wassons down by the river. One of the couples brought a pop up camper, that sleeps six. Our group included six adults, three two year olds and a full size dog. So just in case we brought our tent, and that's a good thing because Ava is just not ready for that kind of quiet before bed!

We let the kids play and get dirty, we played with glow sticks way too late, we found that the best toy for toddlers while camping is just an empty tent to run around in, Ava crashed and slept on the floor of our tent (!), got in the river and paddled around in boats all afternoon, we chased frogs and crawdads, we fried up fresh caught fish for dinner, served alongside an AMAZING grilled pork tenderloin, and finally we made a mad dash out of there during a crazy lightening and thunderstorm. At the end of the weekend, we all agreed that camping with toddlers is a heck of a lot more work, and that we couldn't wait to do it again! Such fun memories. :)

Doesn't Bennett just look ornery here?

Oh corn...the kids loved the corn.

See? And who says two year olds can't share? :)

Who knew this empty tent would provide probably 30 minutes of uninterrupted fun and giggles?


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