Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Emotions of an Almost-Two Year Old

Right now if you ask Ava how old she is, her answer is "almost two". Getting big fast.

As are her emotions. I think the arrival of her eye teeth have added to her variety of moods (that can change sooo quickly!), but luckily last night I noticed the second eye tooth had broken through her gums, and usually that helps ease Little Miss' discomfort.

I snapped a few pictures of Ava the other day, which perfectly captured how quickly she runs through SEVERAL emotions right now. Specifically when you want to take her picture but she wants to see it before you have a good one to show her.

"Oh, you're taking my picture. Can I see?"

"I want to see now!"


"Oh much better. Thanks for letting me look."

"Goodness look how CUTE I am!!"

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