Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Camera Roll, and an Apology

Let's start with the apology. I haven't updated the blog in...well...let me go look. Two weeks. Two weeks?! How did that happen. Well, there's been another work trip (to lovely Raleigh NC). I've also accepted a new position within my current company. I'm stepping my game up, and my calendar is filling up as a result. My days are BUSY. Which is a good thing. Hopefully once I'm past this crazy learning curve, I can start to have some breathing room again.

Anyway...what's new with Little Miss.
She turns two in less than two weeks! Crazy. If you ask her for her age, she will specifically tell you "almost two". Party plans are in process. This year's party will be much smaller and more intimate, but hopefully out at the lake again!
Her two year checkup is approaching. I always can't wait to hear her stats, plus no shots this time! In fact, we are good to go on shots till kindergarten. :)
New teeth. She's got a mouthful.
Hilarious conversations with Ava. The other day she told me her daddy was 67. She knows her full name. We're working on days of the week and the names of her fingers. She is currently using the word "mice" in place of "mine". So if she sees a toy or snack she has or wants, "that's mice". She asks to listen to Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line on the radio. She has a fascination either with our friend and neighbor Matt, or she just loves saying his full name.
Her super smartness continues to amaze me. She now recognizes jet trails in the sky as places where planes have flown, among numerous other observations.
We are taking FULL advantage of the spring weather and are playing a lot outside. Including for hours on end with a bucket of water. The clothing changes haven't been this numerous since she was a newborn!
Ava starts gymnastics tonight with friend Aria (Wynston's cousin's daughter). I can't wait! Cuteness PLUS a way to burn off some toddler energy! You KNOW pictures will follow.

Here's a few pictures.
Jumping in the trampoline on a nice day!

Worn out after said jumping session!

Sitting with Poppy during a Randle Chowning fundraiser concert (from Ozark Mtn Daredevils).

A sweet smile and a sweater I wouldn't mind having in my size!

Sitting pretty in a hat she picked out. It's hit or miss each day on whether or not she'll wear it.

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