Friday, July 19, 2013

A Mommy and Me Day

Last Saturday, Wynston and some friends had a guys weekend. So Ava and I grabbed hold of that weekend day and squeezed a whole bunch of fun out of it. We started with a train table play date with my friend Ashley and her little Henry, where we shared muffins with our little ones and then made persistent attempts to keep them away from our coffees.

Wish I'd gotten a picture of cute Mr. Henry! Dang it.

Then we shopped for a baby present at Babies-R-Us, followed by Chickfila lunch at the park. At the park we saw lots of interesting things, like a lake full of ducks and geese, a man riding around the park with a bicycle, including a dog platform on the handle bars (dog perched lazily atop) and a bicycle bell, and lots and lots of other kids having fun.


We did some swinging, then headed off to Relics (a LARGE flea market) for some stroller relaxing and naptime (my go-to place if I need to be in town and Ava needs a nap). All this was topped off with a dinner at Red Lobster with Grandma Janie and Poppy, where Ava scarfed down some cheddar biscuits and showed off her new skills - the arts of master handholding cuteness and No, complete with head motions.

What a day! Ava crashed hard when we returned home and I got some much appreciated reading time in. :)

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  1. That was a packed day full of two of my faves (Ashley/Henry and Relics). FUN!