Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

I'm quickly learning that holidays with a baby are exhausting. But worth it. :)
We spent this Easter going to church with my parents and and hanging out with family.
When we arrived at church I had to start the morning off with a diaper change. We took care of that business, then returned to the sanctuary. As we were sneaking our way back to our seats, I noticed a ribbon in Ava's hands. I wasn't sure where it came from, but when I followed that ribbon, it led up to a big red balloon! Much to my surprise, ha. Our church has tall ceilings, so I could just see it floating to the top and Ava screaming. I grabbed tight to that ribbon and tiptoed back to our seats, completely confused as to where this balloon had come from. Turns out the nursery attendants were passing them out and probably gave Ava one as we passed by. Little Miss surprises me each day, but some surprises are more "left field" than others.

It was so bright that day! Not that I'm complaining.

I wonder what got all of our attention here? Maybe the Easter Bunny hopped over our toes.

Ava and I did spend the day before Easter with my mom, shopping for me a new dress and Ava some new shoes. Our friends Will and Amy bought Ava the cutest little dress that I decided was just right for Easter Sunday, and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to wear something that coordinated. Ya, that happens around here and I love it. Sorry kid.

Too bad I didn't have Ava's super cute shoes on here. They matched her dress PERFECTLY.
The afternoon was spent playing and having lunch at my grandma's. Ava ate her own food that I'd made and then a lot of my food as well. We finally decided to get her away from the food because I think she would've eaten herself into a bellyache. She's an eating machine these days! She'll eat the entire duration of dinner. She'll eat a whole egg for breakfast. Ava's so long right now that I guess she needs some fuel if she's going to pass through these 12M clothes so quickly.

Can you see the buttons up the back of this dress? So precious.

Talking on the phone, well her cousin's toy keys. :)

Taking almost no nap that day took it's toll on Ava, and she finally fell right asleep in her dad's arms. Always the cutest thing of the day. Always.


  1. I LOVE your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Ava looks adorable!

  2. Meant to tell you the other day I love your shorter hair :) missing Ava already. Can't go too long without seeing that girl. We need to have a picnic when the weather gets a little warmer.