Friday, April 12, 2013

Ava - 11 Months Old

You guys. Today is Ava's 11 Month birthday. You all know what that means. We're T minus one month until Ava is one. That is crazy. Blow my mind crazy.

Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday I was staring at this little thing in my lap, so tiny and helpless. So foreign and new. But then again not really. Ava's face is something I've always known and loved in my heart. I remember when she was a newborn telling Wynston that it felt like I've always known her precious face.

We are working our way steadily through a very busy month. Some friends of ours are getting married at the end of the month, and pre-wedding events are keeping us busy. As is planning Little Miss' party. You may have guessed that the post a few back with the fabrics was for her party. It's going to be a fun day!

So here's what's going on now:

Ava is definitely independently standing and doing some walking. She's regressed a bit in the over the past couple weeks. My mom said my brother did the exact same thing. But there is definitely still walking going on.

Ava now says momma. Finally. Sometimes its "nananana" but I know what she means. More often than not, when I ask her to say Momma, she says "dadadada". Little stinker.

Ava has started singing. She's fond the song Creepin by Eric Church. At the beginning there's this "bomb bomb bomb bonna" and Ava likes to sign her own "non non non non non". Sweetest sound ever. She learned to do this in one day. She's also very chatty these days. She even has some "words" of her own.

We now have two top teeth. There is a sizeable gap between them that is hilarious. She uses her four teeth to bite food now, like quesadillas.

She has a new expression, which is a squint/frown combination. Seen here (towards the bottom of the post).

Ava's little brain has been busy this month. She can now identify certain objects like her fox, ears, toes, belly button, her bottle, her binky, etc. She also knows how to use some objects properly, like a phone (or other object) which she will hold to her ear and she'll brush her hair or yours with her brush.

Little Miss can give enthusiastic high fives, especially to her Poppy (my dad).

She loves to wrestle the big sofa pillows. Put one on the floor and she'll launch herself onto it and roll all around squealing. She also loves to play in pack and play, which always amazes me since in general she's not fond of being contained. But she'll stand in there, then squat down so her face is below the rail, then she'll pop all the way back up and play "peekaboo". Funny thing is she thinks we can't see her when she's squatting, but normally her face is pressed against the mesh and we can see her very clearly. Ava also loves "anticipation" games. Like when you hold her and go "ready, set, go" before running with her. Or just looking away, then slowly back at her, usually accompanied by a tickle. She loves the build up. :)

Food is anything and everything we give her, pretty much. Next month Ava will be allowed into the land of milk and honey. Those are the unallowables until 12 months. Haha. Sleep is getting better. Teething has really proved a nighttime stinker. Ava still hates changing diapers and clothes, and loves wallering, animals and other kids.

Here's a few pictures from her 11 month birthday morning.

"Mom, it's too early for pictures"
Telling me a story.
Working on blowing kisses!
Chewing on my necklace.

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