Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Miss Chit Chat

These days there isn't a lot that Ava can't/isn't saying. She cracks us up daily. And like all moms and dads, we often find ourselves saying "I want to remember this, but I'm afraid I'll forget what she just said as time goes by". So...I'm going to capture some of Ava's interesting sayings here on the blog.

I just have a few to start with:
  • "Look Mom...I'm swimming like a mermaid!" - said while "swimming" in her bathtub.
  • "I like your pretty hair" - note that the word hair can be replaced by a number of other things, like shirt, eyes, glasses, shoes, etc. Girlfriend pays attention to the details. :)
  • "Dad, you have a mustache. It's not hair, it's a mustache."
  • Mommy: "Ava, what did you eat at school today?", Ava: "Dragons"
  • "May I can go to gymnastics today?!", said every day of the week

Little Miss defnitely has a growing imagination. I've also noticed that she now tries to sing along to the radio on songs she doesn't know. She can pick up a chorus like no other! :)

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