Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sledding Adventures

A few weeks ago several inches of snow fell at our house. Like 12 inches total! It was so fun with Ava around to really experience it this year. Last year, she sat on a towel on the deck when it snowed and looked adorably confused. :p

March 2013
But this year we bought a snow saucer, I bundled her up and we headed outside. We have a yard with several small hills, and went down a few of them together, and I sent her down one small one all alone. She did not care for that! But if we went together, at the end of the ride I always got a "Do it again!", picked her and the saucer up, and trecked back up the hill for a few more rounds! We had a lot of fun that afternoon. Ava made a snow angel, which I regretfully forgot to photograph. Darn! Next time.

"What do you mean hot chocolate comes AFTER playing in the snow?!"

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